Frog (Little Life Cycles)

Frog (Little Life Cycles)
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March 07, 2023
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Meet Frog, who starts out as a tiny egg. Follow along as it transforms from tadpole to froglet to fully grown frog in this beautifully illustrated board book for the very young.

From a tiny, vulnerable spawn to a tadpole swimming away from hungry fish, Frog evolves before readers’ eyes in a fun, informative board book that explores the life cycle of a frog. A die-cut throughout the book emphasizes how nature is full of changes—and how a frog’s life is full of excitement!

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FROG (LITTLE LIFE CYCLES) is a board book that introduces the idea of life cycles through the eyes of a frog. The story begins with some eggs, which have a tough journey, but one of them will become Frog. Frog hatches and becomes a tadpole before gaining some legs and growing into a frog. After it leaves the pond, he explores the world and sings, which helps him to find another frog, and together, they create eggs, which starts the cycle again.

What I loved: This was a simple and straight-forward story that follows a life cycle of a frog with peek-through cut-outs that use the eye from the cover throughout the book (it is also an egg in places). This is a gentle introduction to life cycles and will work for preschoolers well. The illustrations are cute and colorful bringing the journey to life on each page. Simple phrases are great for young readers who can follow the story well.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, sensitive readers may have a tough time with the hungry fish that eat the eggs and that he swims away from as a tadpole. The fish are not shown eating, so for most children, this will be a very small sensitivity.

Final verdict: FROG (LITTLE LIFE CYCLES) is a simple introduction to life cycles through the eyes of Frog. Colorful illustrations and straight-forward language will work well for preschoolers.
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