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Forget about Alex from Target and meet Levi from Starbucks!
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Do you love cute lovestories, geeks, fangirling, fanfiction and a bit of fantasy? If so, this book might be a good read for you. In my opinion it was way better than Rainbow Rowell’s other book Eleanor and Park.

I gave the plot 3 stars, not because I didn't like it, but because it was what I expected it would be after reading the first chapter.

The characters were lovely, I gave Rainbow Rowell 4 stars for making such awesome characters!
Fangirl is about a student named Cath, she is a person who really looks like me: she loves books, she writes fanfiction and is a shy person. I understand her way of thinking and her problems and that’s why I understood her way of thinking easily. Although she was so annoying sometimes. Like seriously.
Levi is so adorable! Like, excuse me he is just perfection and I love him so much! He is a FANBOY and a STARBUCKS BOY and everything you search for in a boy and he is so sweet and ugh. Totally love this character! I just want my own Levi, I think everyone deserves their own Levi.
Also I really enjoyed reading the parts with Reagan and Cath’s family. What was such a good thing about the book is that it is pretty true to reality. It’s not like the cliche perfect relationship what annoys me sometimes in other books. Life isn’t perfect, boys aren’t perfect. In most books I read most relationships with family were always the same, but everyone who loves each other has quirrel sometimes. That’s a part of love, and yes, I give the best love advice because I read plenty of YA books. ;)

In my opinion Rainbow Rowell makes fangirls look like the worst of nerds, which is not true. She makes it seem like writing fanfiction is embarassing and weird. I don’t like that. You can go out and have lots of friends and also love reading and writing.

When I started this book I went in with an open mind, one of my friends said it was boring and an other one of my friends was totally obsessed. So I was like: okay lets see how this turns out being.
Although I thought sometimes it was quite boring and I felt like quiting. Mainly that’s because Cath writes a fanfic about ‘’Simon Snow’’. In my opinion Simon Snow is a bad version of Harry Potter, it is totally copied: it is about a boy who is a wizard and goes to a school for wizards and has to defeat this evil person. Bla bla bla. Every chapter starts with a page of her fanfic or the original Simon Snow books and she reads her fanfic to people or talks about it like 24/7. Some people really enjoyed the Simon Snow parts but I just didn’t. So that’s why I skipped the fanfiction parts of the book after reading like fifty pages, because the book was really working on my nerves, but I wanted to know so badly what would happen next. The next half really is so much better!

I don’t know if I should recommend this book to you. Without the fanfiction: yes, this book is a really cute lovestory you should totally read. But I don’t recommend the Simon Snow parts to any Harry Potter fan. I think you just have to get through the first part of Fangirl, because there will come lovely parts that you just have to read!

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