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What is evil, anyway?
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Let me just get this out of the way -- I loved this book. Evil? completely appeals to the snarky weirdo buried not-so-deeply inside of me. It's irreverent, it's zany, it's got bite...and it's a book full of potential hot button topics sure to supremely tick some people off.

What's not to like?

Stuart lives in a small, very religous town. His mom is very devout, as are his brother and sister. He's not, exactly. He does believe in God (in fact, he's got some pretty good evidence that God does exist), but he just doesn't go for all of the organized church-related stuff.

Then he gets caught sinning. Um, okay, I'll go ahead and say it. He gets caught masturbating by his little brother. When this gets out at church, all heck breaks loose and the reaction by the town people is extreme (to say the least).

Therein begins a very wild ride involving vindictive fallen angels, snarky (and vile, but strangely loyal) demons, and a bunch of rampant teenage hormones. Stu, by the way, is also gay and that figures into the story, though it isn't the main thrust of the story (hey! Genre fiction with a gay protaganist! Whoa!).

I really can't say anything else because I don't want to give any of the book up. You really ought to just discover it yourself. Me, I'll definitely be checking out more of Tim Carter's books.

Recommended for ages 14 and up (there is, after all, talk about masturbation, though other than that, there's just some kissing).
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