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High school graduation means big change for everyone, especially for Bella Swan, who has finally managed to convince her irresistible vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen to transform her into one of his kind after their commencement ceremony. But someone is raising a vampire army and that means big trouble for Bella and her friends in the town of Forks. Lifelong enemies will band together to defeat the invaders, while Bella will struggle with her decision to become an immortal, wondering whether she should, after all, choose to liveand eventually dieas the human that she is.

Eclipse is an excellent instalment in the Twilight series, almost as good as the original, and written with more attention to style and better pace than New Moon. While theres less action than in the previous two books, Eclipse gives us insight into some characters that we havent heard from beforesuch as Rosalie and Jasperand moves forward the love story, or should I say triangle, between Bella, Edward, and faithful friend Jacob Black. This third novel really does focus much more on the personal dimension and less on the legends of vampires and werewolves and their mystical powers. Learning more about what the creatures could do made the previous books thrilling, but Eclipse is exciting because somehow Meyer has managed to create not one but two such attractive love interests for her heroine that readers (not to mention Bella!) will find it almost impossible to choose between them. While it seems like everythings wrapped up at the end of the novelin a way that definitely wont please all readers, I must warn youMeyer has just signed on to continue the series, so expect Bellas story to pick up again this time next year, hopefully with more action and new developments regarding the special abilities of the non-humans. In the meantime, readers will greatly enjoy the experience of Eclipse, which gives them a chance to get to know the colourful characters of Forks better, as the charactersespecially our lovable heroine Bellacome to know themselves better as well.
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