Cupig: The Valentine's Day Pig

Cupig: The Valentine's Day Pig
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November 21, 2023
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A comically mismatched Valentine's Day picture book with a clever and hilarious take on Cupid. Introducing Cupig the Valentine's Day pig!

Cupig absolutely loves Valentine's Day. Every year she enjoys spreading love and cheer to every creature, far and near. But when a storm blows through and sends her arrows off course, Cupig accidentally puts arrows in hearts that don't need to be mended. Peanut Butter has stopped loving Jelly! Salt and Pepper have broken up! Needle and Thread are falling apart at the seams!

Will Cupig ever fix her mistakes and get these classic pairs back together again?

With clever rhyming text and comically expressive art, Cupig is sure to be a Valentine's Day classic for years to come! The perfect Valentine's Day gift and for fans of Little Blue Truck's Valentine, How to Catch a Loveosaurus, and Love from the Crayons!

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Happy ValenSTY Day!
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Cupig loves Valentine's Day, and enjoys spreading love, but when windy weather makes her arrows fly off course, she questions her mission. Soon, peanut butter loves anchovies instead of jelly, the fork and knife break up, and unusual pairs like a horse and butterfly, salt and garbage, and a needle and a haystack are created. Cupig sees the unhappiness that she has sown, and when the weather clears, tries to amend her mistakes. Soon the dog and bone are reunited, along with pen and paper and needle and thread. Cupig once again really loves love, and those around are happier. Cupig also realizes that it's okay to take the day off if things look like they will take a disastrous turn!

Good Points
Cupid is quite cute, and enthusiastic about her mission. I was a little confused about why she was wearing heart print jockey shorts, and her wings look a little small to carry her weight, but her facial expressions are fantastic. I love the bits of the drawings that looked a bit like tissue paper collage, and the background colors are a bit muted, but complementary to Cupig's pink and red, so she really pops!

The text is rhyming, so moves along quickly, and embraces the humor of Cupig's odd parings. I don't think I would like anchovies with my peanut butter, and paper certainly shouldn't have run off with a polar bear!

While this would be a great book for Valentine's day, it would also be a great option for children who like books with anthropomorphic food, like Border's Peanut Butter and Cupcake and Funk's Sir Pancake and Lady French Toast, or books with pig protagonists like Numeroff's If You Give a Pig a Pancake or Willem's Elephant and Piggie.
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