Can't Get Enough Space Stuff

Can't Get Enough Space Stuff
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August 02, 2022
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Blast off with the perfect combination of facts, stories, photos, and fun all about what lies beyond Earth's atmosphere―SPACE!

This book has everything to captivate space enthusiasts: Tons of fun facts, exciting games, hands-on activities, hilarious space jokes, stories from experts, and tidbits about the latest info on black holes, the International Space Station, and what life on Mars could look like.

Key features include:
•A glossary game in the front of the book to learn key space terms
•More than 200 stunning illustrations and photographs
•Detailed diagrams and infographics
•Hilarious space jokes
•Articles that do a deep dive into outer space research and hands-on accounts from experts
•Hands-on activities you can try at home
•Quizzes and games to test kids’ knowledge

This brand-new series from National Geographic Kids is a one-stop shop for everything kids want―fun facts, photos, and all things awesome about their favorite topic. A winning combination of running text and short bursts of information keeps kids excited and engaged as they get all kinds of amazing content about subjects of interest.

From telling jokes to friends and impressing teachers to absorbing the latest research, kids will love sharing what they’ve learned about space and will want to dive into the book again and again.

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delightful book about space
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CAN'T GET ENOUGH SPACE STUFF is a delightful non-fiction read with all sorts of fun facts, photographs, and activities about space. The book is written almost like a magazine with short articles, jokes, quizzes, games, and more. There is so much to learn about space, planets, galaxies, and nebulas that even space fans will find something new to explore!

What I loved: This is such an approachable book that contains such a wealth of information. The book uses images from telescopes and space probes as well as illustrations to really bring space to life. The stunning images are in full color, with great use of size, color, and text to really bring all the facts to life. The articles are written in a really approachable manner with plenty to learn about planets in and outside of our solar system. Although I have read a lot of space books as the parent of a space fan, we both learned a lot of new things about space through this book.

The magazine style was really fun, and makes this an easy book to browse, pick up and put down, and explore however kids like. The activities are really clever as well. For instance, there's a quiz to determine whether you are more earthling or alien (just for fun obviously), plenty of clever jokes, and even some mental benders, such as the mental puzzle of matching aliens with their spaceships. The answer keys are easy to find for children who want to confirm their answers. They are all easy to read and will be fun to share with friends and family.

Final verdict: A delightfully educational book, CAN'T GET ENOUGH SPACE STUFF features stunning illustrations, fun activities, and informative articles to teach readers something new about space!
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