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(Updated: September 22, 2022)
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While reading Bad at Love, I felt as if I was reading a rom-com movie, which is understandable considering the main character Daniel Rotten is a rom-com enthusiast. As with any rom-com movie, there is a great love story, but there is also some miscommunication and drama before the characters find their happily ever after.

While Daniel Rotten appears to be your typical bad boy rocker in the press, he is a shy boy who moved from Brazil to pursue his dream of breaking into the music business. I found Daniel to be such a likable character. He was so endearing with his little quirks, such as knitting when nervous and watching rom-com movies. Sasha is equally likable. I found her to be more confident than Daniel yet so guarded when it came to love. I was happy to see her put down some walls and fall in love with Daniel. As the story was told from two perspectives, you got a sense of what each character was feeling.

When Rotten meets Sasha, it screams a rom-com movie. He is running away from some crazed fans, and Sasha happens to be walking out of the building when he needs help hiding. Their interest in each other is genuine, but they seek to date each other for their own personal benefits. For Daniel, it's to win a bet and get his song on the album and for Sasha, it's to win an amazing scholarship that would allow her to pursue her college dream. Choosing between following your heart and thinking with your head poses many dilemmas. There were times when I was frustrated by their lack of communication but the ending made up for it. Honestly, there was no other way this book could have ended other than with a sweet, rom-com-like ending.

Bad at Love was a fun and entertaining read that left me smiling.
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