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Today we are very excited to share a special interview with author Laurie Ann Thompson (Meet Your World)!

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Meet the Author: Laurie Ann Thompson

Laurie Ann Thompson grew up in grew up in the fields and forests of northern Wisconsin and now lives between the mountains and the sea in western Washington state. A master naturalist and former software engineer, she writes to help her readers—and herself—better understand the world we all share. She is co-author of the Two Truths and a Lie series and author of several award-winning nonfiction books, including the teen how-to guide, Be a Changemaker, and Emmanuel’s Dream, a picture book biography about Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, which won the Schneider Family Book Award and was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book.

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About the Books: 

Honey Bee: The first in an adorable, STEM nonfiction picture book series that encourages very young readers to learn—through gentle interactivity and play—about the animals who share their world. Swish, swoosh, fly! You might have heard the words “busy as a bee,” but what do bees actually do each day? Did you know bees clean their rooms, help feed baby bees, and build the hive they live in? From birth to first flight and beyond, discover all that goes into being a bee in this charming picture book, the first in the Meet Your World series.

Raccoon: The second in an adorable, STEM nonfiction picture book series that encourages very young readers to learn—through gentle interactivity and play—about the animals who share their world. Crawl, cling climb! You may have seen a raccoon scurry up a tree or across the road just before dark. Did you know that raccoons stay up at night playing, hunting, and eating when you go to sleep? From birth to first stripes and beyond, discover all that goes into being a raccoon in this charming picture book, the second in the Meet Your World series.





~Author Chat~


YABC: If you could only write one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Nonfiction! I love learning new things, so the research required for nonfiction writing is perfect for me. I can’t imagine ever running out of questions to ask (and answer!). Within the broad category of nonfiction, though, it’s hard to pick a specific genre. I’m interested in science, history, biography, and so much more! If forced to choose just one, however, I’d focus on science. I think most of us, and society overall, would benefit from a deeper understanding of scientific principles as well as how science is done.

YABC:   How do you keep your ‘voice’ true to the age category you are writing within?

I like to imagine children I knew well when they were that age and pretend I’m explaining it to them in conversation. I talk out loud while I’m drafting, and I read aloud while I’m revising. I think we are better at adapting our speech for children than our writing, so it helps to “hear” it as a conversation rather than words on a page.

YABC:   What can readers expect to find in your books?

Readers can expect to find an appreciation of nature, a love of animals, kindness, and a call to action. I believe all of us, even young kids, have a responsibility—and ability—to try to make the world a better place.

YABC:   What was your favorite thing about researching these books?

It may be surprising, but my favorite part of the research process for these books was getting the manuscripts fact-checked by experts in their respective fields. Even after I had done all my research and thought I knew and understood everything I needed to, the fact-checkers were able to make suggestions that added to the fun and interest of both the text and the illustrations! Plus, even though I had already fallen in love with the books’ subjects, the scientists’ passion for their area of expertise was infectious and inspiring. I love that I get to interact with these kinds of dedicated, knowledgeable people as part of my job, and I’m so grateful for their generosity and insight.

YABC: What is your favorite snack when writing?

Peanut M&Ms, but anything chocolate will suffice!

YABC: If you were able to meet them, would you be friends with your main character?

A cute little honey bee and an adorable baby raccoon? Absolutely! What’s not to love? In fact, I’d probably be tempted to be friendlier than either animal would appreciate, which could actually put me in danger. (They would be safe. I wouldn’t dream of harming them!). Being friends with them would mean respecting their natures, though, so I’d have to restrain myself… but it wouldn’t be easy!

YABC:    What’s your least favorite word or expression, and why?

Pleaded, as in, “He pleaded guilty to all charges.” It feels to me like the past tense of plead should be pled. I know both are technically correct, but it seems like journalists prefer pleaded, and it always sounds wrong to my ears.

YABC:   What do you do when you procrastinate?

I take my dog for a walk, research potential new book ideas, do puzzles, and/or indulge in salty snacks. But, if I’m on a serious deadline, then it’s time to start doing all that housework I’ve been putting off forever! 😉

YABC: What is your favorite holiday or tradition, and why?

I love the New Year. It’s become a ritual for me to set aside time in December and January to reflect on the past year and plan for the coming one. When I left the tech industry to pursue writing, one of the things I missed most was the process of doing an annual review. So, I decided to do my own! One of the things I do is go through my calendar and planner and note every accomplishment, as well as things that didn’t go so well and lessons learned. I’m always pleasantly surprised by the successes—I think it’s human nature to forget about them and move on to the next challenge—and it’s good to be reminded that the disappointments never seem as bad in hindsight as they felt in the moment. I also like setting goals, milestones, and intentions for the year ahead. I refer to my plan regularly, and it helps me feel grounded and less anxious to know I’m working on what I really want to be working on rather than getting distracted by different things along the way. That’s not to say I won’t jump on an unexpected opportunity if one arises, but I’ll know right away whether it fits into my ultimate goals or not and be able to decide quickly and confidently one way or the other. I also love the idea of the transition, of having a clean slate: out with the old, in with the new!

YABC:   What’s up next for you?

I’m working on the final details for the next two books in the Meet Your World series, coming out next year: YOU ARE A ROBIN! and YOU ARE A GARTER SNAKE!, and I also have an informational fiction picture book under contract—more about that after it has been announced! I’m revising a nonfiction picture book and two more informational fiction picture book manuscripts. And I’m hoping to finish revising my first middle-grade fantasy novel this year!

Thank you so much! I had fun thinking about these questions and answers. 😀




Title: You are a Raccoon! and You are a Honey Bee!

Author: Laurie Ann Thompson

Illustrator: Jay Fleck

Release Date: 4/11/2023

Publisher: Dial BFYR

Honey Bee ISBN: 9780593529690

Raccoon ISBN: 9780593529720

Genre: Picture Book

Age Range: 2-5 yrs




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