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First off, the dual points of view is something I absolutely love. If you've read previous reviews, you probably know I like a few different points of view. So having the 2 POVs is something I loved. I loved being able to see both sides, in this case Tris and Tobias, of the equation and being able to read their different stances on the events happening.

I liked how the plot ran. It went smoothly and I was able to understand everything happening without it being too complicated or unbelieveable. I also thought that the book was fast paced and not at all boring.

Tobias kind of annoyed me in this book. I understand he was overwhelmed with everything but I think he should of taken Tris's opinions into account especially when we meet Nita. I thought it was real man-like (sorry guys) when he wouldn't listen to Tris, who clearly knew what she was talking about. For once I would like to see a man who for once listens to us women when we are obviously right all the time. ?

Tris, I think, should have taken into account how Tobias felt at times throughout the book. I think she was too concerned with her being right then trying to understand why Tobias was doing what he did at the beginning of the middle of the novel. (if you have read the book, you probably know which part I am talking about. If you haven't read the the book!)

First off, I did cry at the ending, like any devoted fan of the Divergent series at the death of a great character. I also liked the ending. Not because it was sad and I didn't really want that to happen because it was unexpected and believeable. Not every character makes it out of the series alive, even ones you don't expect to die. So that is, my rational, book reviewer side, agrees with the way Veronica Roth chose to end this book. My fangirl side would have liked the ending to be sunshine and rainbows, but frankly, that would have been predictable and I was happy the ending wasn't predictable. The book, I think, would not have been as memorable or good with a predictable ending.

I especially liked the 2 years into the future section of the novel. I liked that I was able to see what happened after all the action and everything was kind of settled down. I also liked to see what happened to the characters after everything happened and how they coped/moved on.

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