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When Andromeda is denied the chance to make her debtera training official, she accepts a job most other debtera have refused: cleansing Magnus Rochester’s manor of the Evil Eye. If she can succeed, she will have a patronage and can then make her living as a debtera. Within her first night, she realizes this job won’t be easy and why others have refused (or failed) to do the job. A great force of evil is in Magnus’s home, and it won’t let go easily. As she battles the Evil Eye, she realizes that she isn’t just fighting for patronage or even her own survival anymore. She’s also fighting for something she never expected: love.

WITHIN THESE WICKED WALLS is a terrifying and unique reimagining of JANE EYRE. Like Jane Eyre, Andromeda has lived a hard life. She has lived on a survival mentality, due to her early childhood and Jember, the man who raised and mentored her. Even as her problems grow, she continuously perseveres the best she can, doing whatever it takes to keep going. What’s so wonderful about her journey is the arc of her coming to this house of chaotic characters intent on her mission and then slowly finding friendship and love. She never loses sight of her goals, but rather, her goals expand and shift as she makes these heartfelt connections.

Magnus Rochester is more akin to Howl from HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE than the Mr. Rochester of JANE EYRE, in the absolute best way. He’s moody and sensitive, but also dedicated, loyal, and caring (and quite fashionable). While he is far from perfect and is harboring secrets, it isn’t an allegedly mad wife in the attic. As someone who loves JANE EYRE but was never on board with the Jane and Mr. Rochester ship, I was delighted at this version of the romance.

Lauren Blackwood’s WITHIN THESE WICKED WALLS captures the heart of JANE EYRE and gives it a singular, unforgettable spin that will have your heart pounding.
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