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THE ULTIMATE BIOGRAPHY OF EARTH is a really delightful, illustrated read that takes the reader from the start of the universe to modern day with a focus on life and its development. With cute interludes from a pencil speaking with Earth and Earth itself, the story takes an approachable view of the way that Earth and the life on it has changed over time. The book discusses key signs of life and animals during each era, as well as how land and the atmosphere evolved during each era.

What I loved: This is such an approachable and engaging way to talk about the development of the universe, Earth, and humans. The book is divided into sections based on eras/eons and so on with the key events during each, the book moves more quickly through the earliest stages with more time spent on the later time, when we know more about what was happening. The cute conversations between the Pencil and Earth (with some silly puns) and the breakout text boxes that go deeper into terms children may not understand make this a really fun and straight-forward way to learn.

While the terms used are simple, this word style will allow children to begin learning about the history of the universe, life, and the way Earth has changed over time. The book also does a great job of discussing areas where this is still uncertainty, pointing out what is known and still under debate. This is a great chapter book length that will work for elementary school aged readers as well as those who are a bit older and teach them a lot about the universe and the history of Earth through early life forms, dinosaurs, and now.

Final verdict: An entertaining and educational read, THE ULTIMATE BIOGRAPHY OF EARTH is a delightful journey through the history of the universe with a focus on Earth and life. Highly recommend for curious children who are elementary and middle school aged.
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