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a book like no other
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Reader reviewed by Witty

The Outsiders was the book I had to read for my 8th grade L.A. class, and I couldn't help but not be exited because we have a tendency to read books that I dont find interesting. As soon as I was handed this book though I had a feeling it was going to be different, and it was. This book has all of the qaulitys that makes it a great read, action, adventure, witt, comedy, heroicness, and much more. You really get to know the characters and you can sense a strong bond between the friends. This book has alot of forshadowing, and when you think somethings going to happen the story veers off into another direction usually adding another problem to the story. Because of this book I now have high exspectations for my class reading for the rest of the year, exspectations I know no other book will meet.   

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