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Battle for family in the afterlife
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What I liked:
Nami is battling severe inner conflicts in this action-packed sequel in the Infinity Court series. How much are we responsible for when we are in a position of power? How do we motivate a disconnected world from people to fight for what is right? Nami has ventured to the Court of War and is desperate for her loved ones (mainly her sister) to be able to cross safely into the afterlife and not fall under the guidance of psychos AI's like Ophelia. Nami wants a bridge of peace but, at times, makes rash decisions to try and gain her objective.
Final Verdict:
Nami's battles in this novel are raw, fresh, and relatable to the point I felt her anguish flooding off the pages. The action is significantly ramped up in this book, does not suffer from second book issues, and ends with a nice teaser for book 3.
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