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That Risen Snow
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“Happily ever after, my hairy a**.”

An interesting concept, Snow wakes up from the Prince’s kiss but she doesn’t wake up right. Rather than the fun and beautiful (an in this interpretation, vulgar) girl she was before she has become a Horror, this story’s equivalent of a zombie.

It is a very, very vulgar story that actually managed to make me uncomfortable at times. That’s saying a lot because in real life I unintentionally cuss like a sailor, apparently my subconscious is a potty mouth. It did give a reason for the constant cussing but I was still abundant throughout the entire book.

It was told from multiple points of view. In some ways, how you got insight into a character’s mind and background, it was nice, but overall it just managed to make the story jump around. An event would happen but in the next chapter you were back before the event took place.

My favorite part of the story was learning about the background of each of the dwarves. Some people may argue that it is filler and unneeded but I have a huge interest in psychology, specifically behavior and why happened to cause that behavior. For me, the insight into how they got taken in by Bones (Doc) was what made this story special.

In the end, I had enjoyed the experience but the way it ended with nothing solved and an even bigger problem added to the mix upset me greatly. Yes, I do want to read the second book and see if things get resolved. I also am annoyed that the reason I want to read the next book isn’t because I loved the writing in the first book, but rather because I want the real ending that the first book didn’t have.

“It hurts, yes? Don’t let that stop you. Don’t let pain or fear stop you. Keep rubbing, and you will mold that stone—that darkness—to your will.”
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