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Through the Eyes of a Four Year Old
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Children view the world from a unique perspective and TAKE OFF YOUR BRAVE gives us some insight into the mind of a preschooler. Nadim, a four year old, has written poems inspired by his every day life. There's his mom, his sister, bedtime and bath time, his best friend, and more. The illustrations are cute and appropriate for the childish theme. The color scheme is soft which suits the poetry very well.

My favorite poem is "Memories" because it refers to the fact that he gets sad knowing he won't have that same experience again. It's a deep emotional feeling that I didn't expect a four-year-old to notice. Just goes to show you that they're wiser than we can imagine. It's interesting experiencing life through a preschoolers point of view and poetry is one of the best ways to express emotional events. This is made by a child for children and shows them that if your work hard enough, your dreams can come true.

Final Verdict: TAKE OFF YOUR BRAVE is an intriguing collection fo poems written by a four-year-old and makes for a good introduction to poetry to those children who haven't been exposed to it.
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