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Reader reviewed by Morgan H

I disliked this book because their wasnt a lot going on in to book. The book wasnt very exciting or adventurous. So I will tell you a brief summary of what happened in the book.
Trav moves to town and Kate, Buck, Trav, and Polly are best friends. They are always playing card games together. They sit out on Pollys porch and look out at the orchard. They would even go in it sometimes. Buck went away for the summer to his mothers. When he came back Kate was very beautiful. They all started freshman year and it was very crazy. Buck was so upset about Trav and Kate liking each other that he went out for freshman football. Trav and Kate told him they missed him so he quit. Kate tried out for the play and was very scared because she didnt think she was going to make it because their was only three spots open. But surprisingly she made it. Skeeter was being very rude to Mrs. Slater. So Kate had gone and talked to Mr. Slater and told him what was going on. Then he made a plan with Kate to beat up Skeeter and he did that during homecoming day. Trav had gotten caught stealing things from a store and was taken to jail and the first people he called was Buck and his father. Then for his punishment he was sent to go and work on a farm all summer. When he had gotten back he had gifts for everyone. Polly had gotten a bottle of perfume. Buck had gotten a calculator he had seen Trav have before. Kate had gotten a stuffed animal she had seen in his room before. Then Trav hangs himself in the orchard. And the gifts were a sign to all his friends he was going to do that.
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