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Reader reviewed by Ryan W

Remembering the good times
During this story I really didnt like it but it mad me thing of stuff. Like when Travis died it made me thing of my best friend that died in 4th grade. Plus when Skeeter it made me laugh because it made me thing of this kid that I got into a fight with because he was harassing my friends. Then when his mom move to Cleveland I laugh to because my dad move to Yankton and I havent seen him since then. I thought it was weird that he meet her in the wood and ask him to go see a baby calf being born. When Travis made Skeeter settle down just by doing something to him I was like that is cool I need to learn that for my brothers. I also though Travis would have a lot of expensive nerdy stuff instead he had awesome little kid stuff. One of the main reason I didnt like the book was because it had nothing about skateboarding or anything I like in it. Another reason made me mad was that every one was crying because Travis died and they didnt even any him thats what had happen to my friend that died. I think that Buck should have done something about them saying that Travis was their best friend like beat them up. And towards the end it was really nice for Buck to give Miss Slater a hug. But that made me thing of remembering the good times.
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