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A book that is about a teenage sucide
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Reader reviewed by Brandon R

The book Remembering the Good Times was a boring book at times. But some times it became an exciting book. The book is written well in some parts but in other parts its not. The book is a story about a teenage suicide. Most of the characters were good but Polly was far the best character out of all of them. What made her the beast was that they told how she acted throughout the story. They said that she acted like a mean grouchy lady. Travis was a quite boy who had a lot of collectibles in his room.
The beginning of the book was pretty good setting and every thing was alright in the beginning. The middle of the book was alright but not descriptive enough and really didnt tell much like it didnt give you an idea that was going to happen later. The ending of the book was a really exciting book. But it was kind of like the middle part of the book. It was pretty descriptive but it did not do very good foreshadow.
The most exciting part of the book was when Travis commits suicide. He committed suicide in Pollys orchard. He did it in Kates secret hid out place thats where they found him. When he does that everybody feels really sorry and sad. They thought of him for everything that they did. They even though of him when they were eating lunch. Kate and Travis were very sorry that he did that. He went to nobody to everything. Thats what I think of the story.
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