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Reader reviewed by Rianna L

Remembering the Good times Critique

This is a book about three friends. During the story, one of the friends is kind of messed up in the head and decides to hang himself.
I think that there was no point in reading this book. I dont see why our teacher made us read a book about a kid who kills himself! What if reading this book made a student want to kill or hurt themselves?
Also, it is extremely emotional because a lot of my friends and I had a friend that died in forth grade. His birthday was on Halloween, which is the day she gave us this book which was surprisingly sad and made some of my friends cry.
This book was boring, had no point, and did not keep my interest whatsoever. It was lame and did not grab my attention. It was a bummer that I was forced to read it because I didnt enjoy this book at all.
I dont think we shouldve had to read this book for many reasons. One is that the beginning was not good at all. I think the author didnt emphasize the main idea until after the middle of the book. Nothing excited me, not even the suicide part, it just made me depressed. No one wants to read about a messed up kid unless its a comedy, and I wouldnt think that any one would want to write about it either.
Another bad feature of this book was the part when Mr. Slater beat up Skeeter. I mean seriously, a middle aged man, rather large, beats up a student in high school. That is so messed up!
Finally, we should have not had to read this book, it was a bad choice.
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