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Reader reviewed by Ben H.

I disliked Remembering the Good Times for three reasons. One reason I disliked Remembering the Good Times because it was too sad. The second reason I disliked the book was because it was too confusing. The third reason I disliked it was because it dealt to much with Buck and not quite enough about everyone else.
First I thought it was too sad because not only did Travis commit suicide, but Scotty was shot during a robbery. Travis hung himself in a clearing in an orchard, one of Kates most favorite spots to relax. Also I thought it was sad because not even the school administrators, the assistant principal, or the principal cared much about the death of Travis Kirby. For this reason Mr. Kirby resigned from being president of the school.
Second I thought that the book was too confusing. One way Remembering the Good Times was confusing was because nobody really knows why Travis would hang himself in the first place. Another way the book was confusing was because nobody really knows why Travis would steal little kid toys from a store.
Third the book talked to much about Buck and not enough about everybody else. One way I thought the book talked too much about Buck was because the book told of what he did over the summer and not a lot about what Kate and Travis did over the summer. Secondly the book told about working and nothing about Kate and Travis working. Lastly the book talked about what Buck would usually do for fun, but wouldnt talk much about what Polly did for fun.
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