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Reader reviewed by Brittney M.

I didnt really like and understand the Remembering The Good Times. I mean that it was an ok book but it didnt make that much sense. I felt that the author took a while to get to the main point and I still do not know what the main point is! I think I might have an idea what the main point is. I think the main point is to not to kill yourself no matter what because someone will and does care about you, and they would be sad if you were gone. Also, maybe another point is that if you did want to kill yourself all of you friends would miss you a lot.
Like I said before it was confusing! What I mean is it took the author a while to explain things that the characters were doing. Then when he did finally explain, the characters were doing something else. Then the process starts again! Also, its confusing by all the surroundings. I didnt really like it because it was not a happy book! I like happy books and this one was kind of depressing with Trav killing himself and all. Then another sad part was when Mr. Kirby (Travs father) says that he is no longer a father/parent.
After that Polly says some nice words but its sad the rest of the book. Those are most of the reasons why others and I really dislike this book. Some other reasons I do like this book is that it tells a story about friendship and it is a little happier in the beginning but gets sadder as you go on. This book is to sad to read in a school classroom.
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