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Reader reviewed by Kali P

The book Remembering the Good Times, in my opinion was a good book, because it talks about things that happen everywhere, and everyday. Its sad to think about it, but it does happen. Buck, Trav, and Kate think that they have each other figured out, but when it comes down to the end they really dont. Trav, like many other people in this world, just have something troubling them so much. Or in Travs case he was stressing him self out so much, that people think that the only way to relieve the stress is to take their lives. They dont think about how it will affect many other people in their lives. All those people that loves you and cared for you will be hurting because they felt like they should have seen it coming, but they didnt. Trav left some hints that he was going to take his life, but no one picked up on them. Then when the time came, they looked back at the hints he left and felt terrible because they felt like they could have been able to help them, but they couldnt. If people have a chance to read this book they should, it teaches a great life lesson, and it is just overall a great book. People that are thinking about taking their lives should read this book because it will show how the outcome of them killing themselves will effect many other people.
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