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Remembering the Good Times

The book I read, Remembering the Good Times is about three friends that meet the summer before their middle school year starts. Kate, Trav, and Buck have a good long lasting relationship that has all the twists and turns of the real life problems and adventures we all face. They work through some of their troubles together and some they have to face alone. When one friends life is tragically ended his best friends have to figure out how to cope with his death. This story seems to be based on real life events and that is probably why I like it so much. It deals with life and death, school, family and the excitement of middle school, high school, and friendships.
Kate is a beautiful girl who has a personality like no one else. She is responsible and caring and independent. Kate is one of my favorite people in this book. Another main character is Buck, a regular boy who has some difficulties in life that would probably be most common. He is nice and caring but doesnt always understand things like others do. In a way I think he is kind of like me, he doesnt like change and just goes with the flow. Now there is Trav, a unique and hard working kid. He is smart and calm but when things turn hard he doesnt know what to do. There are more interesting and fun characters in Remembering the Good Times. Hopefully you get a chance to read this emotion wrenching and interesting book that keeps you thinking.
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