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Reader reviewed by Lynne H

Remembering the Good Times was a very interesting book. I liked this book because it kind of reminds us kids that there is suicide in our school if you know it or not. This book was about three kids Kate, Buck, and Travis. Kate is a good looking girl; she lives with her great grandmother Polly, and her mom. Bucks parents got a divorce and he lives with his dad since his mom moved to live with her new husband. Travis on the other hand lives with his mom and dad and is loved by everyone. But Travis is all ways worrying about everything. Like getting ready for school and everything that is happening in the world. But then finally Travis goes off the deep end and commits suicide. Before Travis commits suicide he leaves a bunch of signs that he need some one to help him through his times. For example Travis goes and steals something from a store and I believe that this is a sign for help. Then that summer he goes and works on a farm before there sophomore year of school. When he comes back with the next day being the first day of school he is laid back not a tense as every other year. And he gives Kate his old teddy bear and gives Buck his old calculator that he kept with him all the time. But he gives Polly a new perfume bottle. Then the next day he is found in the orchard were he committed suicide. This affected everyone in the school even if they didnt know him. I think everyone should be aware that this same kind of thing could happen to anyone. So this book taught me that there are people that could do something like this. That is why I liked this book.
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