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Powerful Story of Getting Back Up
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One day, a man finds himself unable to walk, yet three people insist on getting him back on his feet. They start with a walker, before moving to a wheelchair, then finally a walking stick. The man forms a special bond with his walking stick because it's what helped him get back on his feet. He loves the stick so much he gives him the name Stick McStickstick. It isn't long before he's forced to leave Sticky behind though to get around on his own, but he'll always remember the assistance from his friend.

In the back of the book, we get insight on the true meaning behind this story and the man's bond with the stick. In 2020, Michael Rosen got COVID so bad that he was in the hospital sleeping for forty days. That was a struggle to come back from and Michael Rosen couldn't have done it without the hospital staff or his walking stick. This is an inspiring story about getting back on your feet when life tries to knock you down and I love the simplicity of the illustrations because they add value to the story.

Final Verdict: Thank you Michael Rosen for sharing your story. With it, children can learn the dangers of getting sick and the importance of working hard to strive to be the best person you can be. No matter what, you keep getting back up.
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