Kid Review: Sometimes Love by Katrina Moore


About This Book:


A tender, poetic picture book about a military family experiencing happiness, heartache, and learning to grow through change


“Changes come and changes go. Love through changes makes love grow.”

When her mother is deployed overseas, a young girl is temporarily parted from her beloved dog. Told in spare yet lyrical verse, this picture book shares a powerful message about the different ways we show love, from giving, to growing together, to sometimes letting go. But don’t worry, this pet story has a happy ending.


*Review Contributed By Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer*


Rare look at family relocation because of deployment


This picture book in verse shows the love that develops between a little girl and her new puppy. They sing together, cuddle together, and work together through good times and bad. When the girl’s mother gets a deployment notice, the family must move to a foreign country, and the beloved dog must be left behind. Luckily, there is an organization that provided Pet Care for Serving Soldiers that is able to care for the dog while the family is away. The little girl makes friends in her new country, and at the end of two years heads back to the States. Her dog is waiting to greet her, and the two renew their bond. A note about “Dogs on Deployment” gives additional information about this important service.
Good Points
This is a short book that would bear up well with multiple readings. There’s not a lot of words on each page, and the message is brief but lovely. The pictures tell more of the story, with the parents preparing for the move in the background, and pictures mailed from the dogs foster family showing what is going on in the new home. The illustrations have a soft, dreamy effect that mimics chalk pastels, although they were digitally created.

While there are many books about young children and dogs, there are not many that address the idea of an entire family being relocated for a deployment. Even books about parents serving abroad are hard to find, but include Ehrmantraut’s Night Catch, Parker’s I Love You Near and Far, and Hardin’s Hero Dad. This would be an excellent title for any child who has to be away from a beloved pet for an extended period, or to use to build empathy for situations a child might not be experiencing. I’m always a fan of any window into the lives of others that will help a child be more understanding and kind.

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