Kid Review: Bird Buddies (Animal Lovers) by Curt Hart


About This Book:


Introducing Bird Buddies. Get ready to soar into the exciting world of North American birds with this awesome book by talented nature photographer Curt Hart.
Discover some of the coolest birds in North America. Learn super cool stuff about birds like the Carolina wren, the Indigo Bunting, the Spotted Towhee, and more! Get ready to be amazed by their colors and songs.
Imagine getting up close to birds without leaving your chair. Curt Hart’s photos are like windows into the birds’ lives. See their colors, their nests, and maybe even catch a glimpse of them in action!
Bird Buddies isn’t just a regular book – it’s like having a bird adventure right in your hands! This book is perfect for bird watchers, and anyone who likes to have fun while learning. Get ready to spread your wings and dive into the wonderful world of birds with Curt Hart and his amazing photos. Let’s go on a bird-tastic journey together!

*Review Contributed By Bethany Wicker, Staff Reviewer*

Perfect for fans of Birds


BIRD BUDDIES features different birds with stunning photographs that showcase the beautiful, bright-colored feathers. On one page it says what type of bird it is. On the next is a fun fact about that type of bird, like singing two notes at the same time. This picture book will encourage children to get out and bird watch to see what they can discover. The facts are interesting and appealing to younger readers as well as the parents. I have the paperback format and I believe the board book style will elevate it even more for children to enjoy. The text is simple enough for early learners to sound out, but they may need help with the type of bird.

Final Verdict: This book shows how much the author loves to photograph these birds and enjoys sharing them with the world. BIRD BUDDIES is perfect for early readers who love birds and I can see this appealing to children aged two and up because of the vibrant photos.


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