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What worked:
This book charts the history of underwater exploration and blends different forms of writing to accomplish it. Non-fiction books are typically great if someone is researching a specific topic but reading nonstop facts can make them boring from a general interest standpoint. This book includes pages about various ocean myths and legends from around the world including a Scandinavian myth explaining why the oceans are so salty. There’s a graphic short story about rescuing sailors in a sunken submarine which is more interesting than just sharing the information. Other illustrated pages present the history of submarines and diving suits with brief paragraphs. This makes the information approachable and not overwhelming.
The chapters span a wide range of material, but again, it’s not so in-depth that it overpowers young minds. Famous ocean explorers like Jacques Cousteau, Emperor Hirohito, and Asha De Vos are showcased in one chapter. Other chapters explain the physics of ocean currents, waves, and how submarines work. There’s an entire chapter on the Mariana Trench, the Abyss, with a graphic story of the first mission to touch its bottom, 33,000 feet below the surface, and other pages sharing the variety of creatures found down there. Another section highlights the information oceans have revealed concerning climate change, new medicines, and evolution.
What didn’t work as well:
The book doesn’t go into great detail about any specific topics so it’s better used for general entertainment rather than a source for research. The book can pique interest regarding an assortment of subjects but readers will need to find other places to get a full picture of them.
The Final Verdict:
This book does an amazing job of presenting information about the oceans without becoming dull and uninteresting. It blends facts, stories, and science to inform readers about the history and mystery of the oceans around the world. Overall, I recommend you give it a shot!
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