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(Updated: January 25, 2014)
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What I Loved:

I've been a tremendous fan of this series from the start. Ms. Ashton handles extensive world building, deep emotional character arcs, and a complex plot that shifts around on its timeline with a deft hand. Readers are never lost, and the idea of an Everneath full of immortals and human forfeits existing below us in an alternate dimension feels as real as the book we're holding in our hands. With this stunning take on the Hades/Persephone myth, Ms. Ashton seamlessly combines ancient mythology with contemporary settings and delivers another story readers will find impossible to put down.

As always, the heroine Nikki is the reason the entire premise works. Damaged, scared, loyal, and fiercely determined to face an impossible task, Nikki's voice is accessible and honest. Readers will be immediately drawn to her and will desperately hope for her victory and redemption, even as it seems victory is the one thing that will remain forever out of Nikki's reach. The supporting characters of Jack and Cole are compelling in their own rights, and while their motives and emotional arcs aren't as accessible as Nikki's (due to the fact that the story is told entirely from Nikki's point of view), readers will feel invested in both Jack and Cole and in their eventual outcome as well.

The extraordinary scope of the world building is admirable. Two separate worlds--that of the Everneath with its rules, magic, and culture, and the contemporary world in which immortals prey on humans--are both expertly rendered. Difficult questions are raised in this series, the themes of sacrifice and redemption are examined, and all of it happens in the spaces between breathtaking action and heart-aching romance. The ending provides enough resolution for readers to feel satisfied with the trilogy, while still leaving some thought provoking ideas open for discussion.

What Left Me Wanting More:

While I found this ending to be satisfying and compelling, there were times during the climax when I wanted Nikki to come up with more answers on her own. I also felt that the climax was over almost before it started. However, upon closer examination after I finished reading, I realized that much of the third book functions as a climax for the entire series, and that perhaps Nikki's actions during the book's climax were a result of the author's focus on showing three very different people with entirely different agendas learning how to work together as a team. At any rate, these small issues did nothing to detract from my overall love of this book and of the series itself.

Final Verdict:

Hopeful, bittersweet, and action-packed, EVERTRUE is a strong finish to a stellar series. I highly recommend it.
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