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Divergent is a One-of-a-Kind Book!
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In the world of Divergent Chicago is divided into five sections. Each section has a group of individuals who are unique in their own way. Dauntless is the home of the brave. They are dressed in all black with tattoos and take the motto YOLO to heart. They do parkour, jump over buildings, and even walk on trains. Abnegation is a very peaceful and selfless and do not care about their appearance. They are normally dressed in all grey and have the same hairstyle. Their members are not even allowed to look in the mirror! Abnegation is where the subject of our story came from first until the switched factions because of the Aptitude test. The Eurudites are the smartest and most intellectual of the factions. They are the group that helped create the Aptitude test and are normally dressed in all blue and glasses (even the ones who do not need a prescription). Candor members are very honest. They are always dressed in suits and are the businessmen of the factions. I find this very ironic because the stereotype of the average businessman is selfish and dishonest. The final faction is called Amity. They are peaceful and loving people who take their faction name to heart. They are normally dressed in all red.

Siblings Caleb and Beatrice turned 16 last month. Their father is one of their home faction’s leaders. They are currently members of the faction Abnegation. Caleb and Beatrice have to take an aptitude test to determine which faction they will belong to. The aptitude test was developed by the Erudites. During the test, the kids are injected with a serum and are judged based on their reactions. When Beatrice finds out she is a Divergent (she has three factions to choose from) the information may kill her if anyone finds out. She can choose from Dauntless, Abnegation, or Erudite. They are not allowed to share their results until the day of the Choosing Ceremony. They are selfless and kind and are often shunned at school. The reason why is because their faction requires it. There are five factions: Abnegation: The Selfless, Dauntless: The Brave. Amity: The Peaceful, Candor: The Honest, and Erudite: The Intelligent. Abnegation and Erudite are in a sort of Silent War. Erudite stole information from Abnegation which was supposed to be locked up for more than twenty years. With this information Erudite is brainwashing and controlling other people. At the Choosing Ceremony, Beatrice chooses the Dauntless Faction and Caleb chooses the Erudites, becoming a traitor to his home faction. When Beatrice survives the Dauntless Initiation, she becomes a Dauntless and changes her name to Tris. She has tough times ahead of her and has to watch out for those who may be dangerous to her and her faction. This decision will change her entire life…

I would recommend this brilliant novel to anyone who liked the Hunger Games series or read the Mortal Instruments series. It is a fascinating novel and one of the best I have ever read!
Good Points
-Amazing Plot
-Characters are well developed.
-One of the best page-turners I have ever read!
-Can imagine yourself in the setting.
-Perfect story line.
-Wonderful book for readers who like The Hunger Games or have read the Mortal Instruments series.
-The topic picked was great; The author could expand upon it whenever needed or be more precise.
-Can relate to the subject if we were to live in Chicago at the time.
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