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Tantalizing Ending to The Infernal Devices!
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Dani’s Review:
Clockwork Princess has officially become my favorite YA book. I have read all of Cassandra Clare’s books released to date, and Clockwork Princess is the best by far. Ms. Clare’s vivid descriptions of the setting and the characters, careful planned plot twists, and heart wrenching romance made this novel flawless. She plunged deep into the lake of each character’s emotions. So many secrets are finally revealed!

Clockwork Prince left off with the London Institute in disarray because of an attack by Mortmain’s automatons. Jessamine had betrayed her fellow Shadowhunters, Tessa’s brother Nate died, and in essence a shadow fell upon the inhabitants of the Institute. However, love brought a ray of sunshine into the darkness....To all except Will and Tessa. Jem proposed to Tessa and Tessa agreed to marry him. A few minutes later, Will declared his love to Tessa and poured out his heart to her. Sadly, he is literally minutes too late. Will is stricken with shock and grief when Tessa pretends she is indifferent to his feelings and tells him that she has accepted Jem’s proposal. Both Will and Tessa are torn--Will is fighting his feelings for his parabatai’s fiancé and Tessa is fighting her feelings for Will. What a love triangle!

I can’t even begin to try to write about Clockwork Princess’s plot without spoiling anything. Here are a few SEMI spoiler-free things, so read at your own risk!

The fate of demon pox ridden Benedict Lightwood is revealed

Will and Gabriel’s enmity for each other is resolved....somewhat
Cecily eventually stops trying to drag Will back to their parents
Jem comes EXTREMELY close to death
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