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I love verse novels! I never thought I would like them because I thought they would be like hard to understand poetry, but they are so not! This novel, like other verse novels, was like reading a song. It flows effortlessly along, and before you know it, its over. The author chooses powerful words, because there are so few words used.

The fact that Audition was a verse novel made me like the book. I did, however, have a few issues with the characters. Sara was the main character, and I just didn’t really like her! She was mopey, meek, and miserable. She just sort of went through the motions of life, doing whatever anybody else told her to do. She never said what was on her mind. She would rather be a writer than a dancer, but she never tells anyone that dream. Then there is Remington. I didn’t like the way he treated Sara and used her. He was just as unlikable as Sara, if not more! Sara and Remington’s relationship was strange to begin with, and it never really resolved. I wanted Sara to scream and yell at him and tell him what an awful person he was, but this just didn’t happen. I felt like the characters were one dimensional, and didn’t grow and change as much as I wanted them to. I just didn’t connect with them.

Overall, Audition is a beautifully written story. I love the lyrical language the author uses. While the characters weren’t for me, I think you should give this book a chance, just for the writing. I also think this book might be more meaningful to someone who is a dancer.
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