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A witch is demonstrating how to make frog soup, a classic witch delicacy. Everything is going fine until it's time to add the special ingredient: the frog itself. Suddenly, frogs are hopping around everywhere, and the witch struggles to catch one. With hijinks and humor, this is a cooking demonstration you won't forget.

A SPOONFUL OF FROGS has some of the most adorable illustrations I've seen in a while. I love the cozy background detail in the witch's kitchen. The artist nails funny expression and body language in both the witch and the frogs.

While A SPOONFUL OF FROGS was fun to read silently, this is a picture book that will shine when read out loud. As the witch grows frustrated with the frogs, there is ample opportunity for acting out the expression and building the chaos. It is also good to note that no frogs are actually cooked in this story, so any young readers who might be sensitive to that or worried about the frogs won't have to worry. There is a fun twist at the end.

Highly recommend for young readers who enjoy cooking, witches, and a good laugh.
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