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A Door in the Dark is a book I read the blurb of many times but kept passing on as I wasn't sure about it, as Dark Academia can be hit or miss for me. I have read the author's Ashlords series, so I knew what to expect from the author and knew it would be a great ride if I could get into the story. The prologue truly sets your intentions for the book, and this helps draw you into the story because you're wondering when that particular scene will pop up and why it even happens. This author truly has a grasp of how to make his words flow easily off the page and how to keep his reader interested in his subject matter. And can we talk about the cover? Artistically, it's gorgeous. But once you read the story and then go back to look at it, it takes on a completely different meaning to your eye. It incorporates elements of the storyline well. The idea of magic existing but people having to have a currency to use it is so interesting. It never occurred to me that magic could be controlled as such. Like most societies you read about, it gets divided unevenly based on where you fall. It just reflects so many things we see in our current culture. The world-building was good. I was given the background to understand most of what the world was like. I would have liked more background on the magic in the book, though. I am eager to see where what we learned in this book leads us in the sequel.
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