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Casting Call: We're looking for the new YABC Intern!

Casting Call: We're looking for the new YABC Intern!


We are currently looking for a motivated, professional, self-starter to claim the title of YABC Intern!

Do you want to work in the publishing industry? Do you need some stellar experience on your resume? Would you like to earn course credit and get free books sent to your door each month?

The YABC Internship might be just the thing for you. YABC is one of the top online book review sites on the Web. Our previous intern earned enough credit through his YABC internship to gradutate college a semester early, and the experience he received was invaluable in the publishing and PR world. We were very sad to see him go, but we're certain the next YABC Intern will be just as professional and amazing. 


Here are some of the YABC Intern duties:

- adding new and upcoming releases to our database so site visitors can learn about them and post reviews
- featuring new releases and ramping up excitement about these wonderful books and authors
- interact with YABC readers through our Twitter and Facebook accounts
- assist in orchestrating author and publisher promotion like cover reveals and giveaways (working directly with top publishers and best-selling authors!)
- work directly with the head of YABC via text and email, keeping the YABC email inboxes organized so her brain doesn't leak out of her ears (this one is very important) 


Here are the characteristics we're looking for in a YABC Intern:

A passionate YA lover. Someone who devours YA (and kids) books on a regular basis and has a decent knowledge of the current YA market (what's out there right now). 
A book pusher. Someone who can't seem to help themselves when it comes to gushing about all things YA books. Someone who never tires of talking books!
A social media butterfly. Someone who enjoys interacting via social media. Someone who is GOOD at it. Do you have a lot of followers already? Do you enjoy figuring out how to compose a tweet or status in order to receive the highest interaction? Then this might be the geeky job you've been looking for.
A writer. Someone who can write clearly and concisely, free of spelling and grammar errors. Someone who can self-proof their work. Perfectionists welcome! :)
A blog wizard. Someone who is already familiar with posting blog articles using both HTML and Compose functions. Someone who understands how to navigate HTML for light coding purposes, and who can edit images by resizing, cropping, and justifying correctly on a page. Someone who has "an eye" for online article design. We want our blog posts to be appealing to our readers. We want them to be PRETTEH. That means each post needs consistency and style. 
A respectful and professional communicator. Someone who can represent YABC positively across social media platforms and to our author and publisher partners via email correspondence. Someone who makes YABC look GOOD.
A self-starter. Someone who can keep track of time-sensitive promotion and keep a personal work schedule. In the world of online PR, there isn't much hand-holding. A lot of the time you're on your own! We need someone who can be in charge of their own schedule without falling behind or letting YABC events slip through the cracks. The YABC intern must have impeccable scheduling and prioritizing skills. If you live and die by your daily planner, you might be perfect for this job!
An email organizer. Someone who can't stand a messy inbox, who knows how to filter and create folders, and reply to new emails in a timely fashion. 
A dedicated team member. Someone who can commit to a few hours a month. Someone YABC (and the readers and authors and publishers) can count on. 

Here's what you get out of it:

In addition to the invaluable experience gained working behind the scenes with a top book blog and review site, the YABC Intern will receive two (2) free books a month chosen from the YABC Prize Shelf. Applicants must have a valid US mailing address.
There is a definite opportunity for course credit, but it all depends on your degree and what your college accepts as a valid internship. Credit must be organized by you with your advisor or professor. Although we cannot organize the credit for you, we are happy to provide any paperwork or correspondence you need to make this happen. If you are unsure about credit, talk to your advisor right away to see if the YABC Internship is acceptable. 
If the YABC Internship sound up your alley, let us know. Fill out the form below. We will contact you if you are chosen to be considered for the internship. 


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