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What I Loved:

The world of TWINMAKER effortlessly swallows the reader. Even though so much of it is futuristic and different (d-mat booths used for travel, fabbers used to create anything from food to guns etc), the reader is instantly grounded in the culture and lifestyle of this new world. Readers will find Clair's world fascinating on many levels.

The author raises moral and ethical questions that stem from the technology and its use (as well as questions regarding the refusal to use it) without giving clear cut answers. Sympathetic characters on both sides of each question raise valid points causing TWINMAKER to be an excellent starting place for some important conversations instead of simply being an object lesson designed to teach only one point of view.

The plot twists are stunning. This reader is rarely caught off-guard and was therefore delighted to be surprised multiple times during the climax of the book. Although the pacing and conflict flounder a few times throughout the novel, the ending is spectacular enough to make readers beg for a chance to read the next book.

Finally, I truly enjoyed the main character--Clair. Her character growth is well done, her voice feels authentic for a teenage girl thrust into new and terrifying circumstances, and her flaws along with her strengths made her easy to connect with.

What Left Me Wanting More:

While this reader could accept most of the futuristic technology without qualms, there were a few things that ignored already established science (like the fact that you can't create something out of nothing), and caused this reader to sometimes be distracted from the story. There were also times when the pacing lagged and when the delivery of new or the rehashing of old information left this reader confused. Finally, one of the most important plot revelations near the end directly contradicts scientific parameters already set up earlier in the book. Overall, this reader would've enjoyed clearer information on the stakes, on the players in the conflict, and on the science that became crucial to the plot.

Final Verdict:

Fans of futuristic technology or readers who love action-packed adventures will enjoy TWINMAKER and will anxious await the sequel.
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