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A slow but interesting vampire novel
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I read this book when I was fifteen so of course I fell in love with it. Over time, I realised it was not the epic love story I thought it was and it is actually quite problematic (that's more in New Moon though).

Bella is a Mary Sue of a protagonist and, in my opinion, one of the worst female characters ever - in league with Ana from 50 Shades. She is very annoying and obsessive compulsive over Edward. I think the novel could have been far better if Bella had a personality and some backbone.

I have always been on #TeamEdward and so my heart breaks now having a bad opinion of him. To be honest, he was a pretty shoddy boyfriend who always attempted to do the wrong things for the right reasons. Also, I do not see his attraction to Bella. Astounds me to this day.

Also, I hated his family. They remind me of Sarah J. Maas' characters in that all of them need to be in relationships, etc.

Despite the annoying characters, the plot was mildly intriguing and an interesting take on the old and classical vampire novel.
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