Tummy Time!: A high-contrast fold-out book with mirror for babies

Tummy Time!: A high-contrast fold-out book with mirror for babies
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Little Comet
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March 01, 2022
The perfect gift for newborn babies!
"Tummy time - placing a baby on his or her stomach only while awake and supervised - can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles, and promote motor skills." - Mayo Clinic. And this book will keep babies' brains busy, too, while their muscles are hard at work. The high-contrast images on one side are mesmerizing because, although young babies' vision is blurry, they can see bold patterns with sharp light-dark contrast and saturated color. Babies are also hard-wired to recognize faces, so there are baby photos on the other side to delight your baby, and an embedded mirror - because babies love looking at themselves! The book can be spread out in front of them, or read like a book so you can enjoy reading time together.

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TUMMY TIME! is a fun board book that is intended to be used for tummy time. The book folds out with designs on both sides. One side features pictures of babies with brief text related to the photos, and the other features black-and-white patterns with strategically colored objects. The side with the babies also features a small mirror for babies to view themselves.

What I loved: The high-contrast illustrations and photographs of babies will appeal to little ones who are beginning to explore the world around them. The fold-out nature of the book allows it to stand up on its own for use during tummy time, so babies can look at it while they work on their muscles. The words are brief if caregivers choose to read it, and the font is large and clear.

What left me wanting more: The mirror is a little small and distorts images a bit. While babies may not mind, it would be nice if they were clear in it!

Final verdict: TUMMY TIME! is an engaging fold-out book designed to entertain babies during tummy time. Recommend for older infants who will appreciate the photographs of babies and mirror.
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