The Witching Wind

The Witching Wind
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September 03, 2024
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From Natalie Lloyd, bestselling author of A Snicker of Magic and Hummingbird, comes a heart-expanding adventure about the magic of family, friendship, and the lengths we go for the people we love.
Eleven-year-old Roxie was excited to start sixth grade... until a mortifying incident at a pool party turns her into a middle school laughingstock. Roxie can't imagine enduring a full year of bullying and body shaming, so when her country music star Granny invites Roxie to join her on tour, she jumps at the chance to leave her troubles behind. But then Granny--who's been struggling with memory loss--goes missing, leaving Roxie without an escape plan... and without her best friend.

Grayson doesn't mind being sent to yet another foster home. Her older sister, Beanie, is about to turn eighteen, which means she'll be able to become Grayson's guardian. It won't be long until they live in the same house again. It won't be long until they get to be a real family. But when Beanie's birthday finally arrives, she doesn't show up to collect Grayson. She doesn't respond to calls or texts. It's almost like she's just... vanished.

Roxie knows Granny would never leave without saying goodbye. And Grayson is certain Beanie would never abandon her. So when the new friends learn about the Witching Wind that "steals" what people love most, Roxie and Grayson are certain they've discovered the truth. Granny and Beanie didn't just disappear--they were taken. And it's up to Roxie and Grayson to outwit the Witching Wind before it's too late.

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The Witching Wind is a middle-grade magical realism novel based around a magical wind that blows in with a monarch butterfly as the only warning to batten down the hatches. The story follows two girls, one who is disabled and a foster child, the other who is just trying to navigate entry into middle school and the loss of friendships. The representation in this book will impact the students who read it as well as the adults who share it with them. The Witching Wind touches on all the things middle school-aged children struggle with bullying, body shaming, missing people, strokes, loss of grandparents, older siblings moving on, and so much more. One thing that irked me was the lack of closure for Beanie and her sister Grayson; Grayson spends the whole novel waiting for her older sister to come and be a family with her, and I get the age difference and wanting not to have the responsibility of raising a younger disabled sister from how Grayson talked about the love and connection the two sisters had I expected a final conversation from Beanie explaining her side of the story. The Witching Wind will be a great read to share when it releases in September 2024.
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