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I loved this book. Before this trilogy, I didn't believe in soulmates - I didn't even like the notion of having that one person who is meant to be with you. However, Belly and her summer boys, their relationships and events, were totally endearing and hypnotizing.

The writing was kind of premature and the language wasn't particularly SAT-style, but I think it matched the innocence of the main character, Belly. Since it was narrated by her mostly, I think it was smart to have her think thoughts that reflected her naive and sweet personality. She explained emotions the way we would actually feel them if we were in her position - vague, inscrutable and confusing. Belly was indecisive, just how any teenage girl would be if she was experiencing that summer.

Surprisingly, this wasn't a fluffy read. It had shocking depth to the story. I liked how the author successfully made you like whichever character deserved it at the time. I couldn't stop thinking about it once I finished reading it. I actually read it online, even though I had put a hold on it in the public library. I was number 114 among 143, but I continued to wait until I got the physical book in my hands, so I could read it again.

It was a coming-of-age series - sad, romantic, sweet, and totally worth the read. Even though the books were really short, and the chapters equally succinct, I would buy the whole trilogy and read them continuously in the hopes that I would meet the brothers some day. They're amazing, and I just wish I could trade places with Belly. By the end of each book, I was happy with the conclusion, but I wanted to cry because there wasn't more. It was bittersweet read, in the best form of the term.
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