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Reader reviewed by Bettina

Dina has her mother's gift. She can see the things that people did by looking in their eyes and make them feel ashamed of the bad things that they did. More often than not, Dina thinks that this is a curse. Everybody except for her family shun her, fear her and make fun of her. They call her "the Shamer's Brat" and do mean things to her. One girl threw a bowl of whey in her face just to be mean.

Then trouble starts up. A murder has been committed at a castle and the Shamer(Dina's mom) is called to see if a suspect is guilty. When the Shamer finds that he is not guilty, a person that wants to place the blame on the suspect fetches Dina and decides to blackmail the Shamer by saying that he will hurt Dina if the Shamer does not announce that the suspect is guilty.

I thought the idea of having a Shamer is good. The language were vivid. I thought that it was and okay story.
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