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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a book the author wrote while she was still in high school in the south and it is roughly accumulated on her own life. The story takes place in a minor, rural town in the 1960s. The two chief groups in this story are the Greasers, like Ponyboy, and the Socs. The Greasers are deprived, humble, less educated and hard-hitting. They wear grease in their hair -- hence the name Greasers. The Socs are prosperous, know-it-all high school students that do corrupt things and still miraculously get away with them.

Ponyboy and his friend Johnny are the main characters; both of them are Greasers. They went out one night to sit in the park. During this time, the Socs came over and stared to fight with them. While they were fighting, one of the Socs began to drown Ponyboy in the nearby fountain. To save Ponyboy's life, Johnny kills the Soc with a switchblade. After fleeing the scene to a friend for help, they leave their town in arrears to go to an abandoned church far out of the way from what might become of them.


One night, when they were heading back towards the church, they noticed that it was aflame. In attempt to go in and then back out of the now burning church, both get injured so severely that they have to go to the hospital. Later that night, Dally, a Greaser who is Johnnys role model in so many ways, robs a convenience store and gets in a misfortune. To find out the fate of these three, read The Outsiders.


This book appealed to me because it kept me locked in interest. I hated putting it down and only did so when totally necessary. I would recommend it to everyone that is looking for a good read because the book is so tantalizing. Its truly a wonder how a sixteen year old girl could write such a fantastic novel. But S.E. Hinton did so and I am glad that I got to read her work. I give it five stars and a wish to read more novels by this author.
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