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There are many different animals in the world, but which one is the most important? This book highlights some animals that the author believes to be important and the more we read, the more the reader understands the validity of her claim. Elephants help other animals get water by digging with their trunks. Bees help pollinate the world. But that isn't all. There's so much more these "keystone species" do for other animals and our environment and without them, life could possibly crumble.

With a mix of real photos and cartoons, the author gives the props each animal deserves. Of course my daughter found it funny how elephant poo can be useful to keep mosquitos away and to grow new plants. In the back of the book, the author summarizes these "keystone species" and talks about ecosystems and the effect these animals have. There's also a "Find Out More" section with websites children can visit to learn even more.

Final Verdict: THE MOST IMPORTANT ANIMAL OF ALL is a celebration of life and the animals who help secure it. It's educational and perfect for children who love animals and nature. Overall, my daughter and I enjoyed this book and I even learned about new animal facts with her. It makes you look at these animals in a different light, especially elephants.
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