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Publication: February 5, 2013
Publisher: Feiwei and Friends
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Cinder is one of those books that is so amazing and beautiful. You have to admit it, Cinder is wonderful. Marissa Meyer is clearly a gifted, talented author of Cinder and Scarlet. Great creativity and imagination. Right now I'm going: How come I never dream up of a cyborg Cinderella?

Scarlet, like Cinder, carries that unique trait that makes readers want to read and read until the last page. That trait makes readers go "How could you not like this book?" Scarlet is quickly and wonderfully paced, perfect for readers of most ages. (Some chemistry/hot moments) It's a good thing Scarlet isn't one of those "middle child/whiner" book.

The plot of Scarlet is a huge eye opener. I can fall in love with it, plot alone. It's that good, people. There isn't that much of dialects, but that's okay because Scarlet is better without it. The writing is va va voom and delicious. I can devour it and not get enough. I'm addicted and I just can't get enough. (Not kidding.) It's clear and full of talent. It's even better than Cinder, actually.

The ever changing of POVs are refreshing and perfectly changed. POVs of Cinder, the dashing Prince Kai, the evil Queen Levana, the hot Wolf, and the badass gun-carrying Scarlet are included.

Scarlet is the retelling of the red riding hood tale. Wolf, surprising, isn't the wolf of the tale. It's someone way different.

Awesome Characters:

Scarlet: She's one of those badass heroine who is a "attack now, ask questions later" type of persons. Scarlet is an alpha, who can take action immediately despite the danger and threat. She's a better character than Cinder, in my opinion. Her greatest strength and weakness? She's fiercely loyal to the people she loves. (Grandmother) Wolf isn't included in that group till the last few chapters. She will do anything to protect and save the ones she love.

Wolf: Woo! We have another hot guy to swoon over. (Everybody, run over to Wolf and leave Prince Kai alone). Yeah, I know you might be rolling your eyes at this, but truly is he. It helps if you read The Queen's Army although it is not required. Wolf is the Alpha. Even though others may seem to see him as an vicious animal, he cares about Scarlet. It is obvious that he care, if not love Scarlet.

Prince Kai: I can't help but feel terrible for Prince Kai. In one of the scenes with him and a press conference, Prince Kai is unbelievable hilarious despite his diplomacy skills. I'm angry at Prince Kai, but I'm not telling you anything.

Cinder: Cinder, in the beginning, is like this little lost sheep. It's infuriating for me because I hate ignorant/lost characters who wander around aimlessly until they find a true goal. In the end, Cinder finally find her true goal and determination. She finds her inner agenda. She's a major character in Scarlet.

Thorne: I mean, Captain Thorne is the womanizing, suave character. He is hilarious and so cheerful compared to Cinder. I like how he calls himself Captain, but can't pilot his own ship. (Epic Fail, right there). He doesn't even know what's in his own ship. (Double Fail) He brings the life and fun into Scarlet.

Rating: Five out of Five-Drop whatever book you're reading to read this book. Cinder, if you haven't read that one.
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