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I have had this book since February and just finally read it. I loved this book, possibly even more than Cinder. Marissa Meyer is a genius, I love her books and the way she does fairytale retellings is phenomenal. The twist on Little Read Riding Hood was done so well and the plot and story was just as engaging as Cinder.

This book follows Scarlet for the most part as she is on a mission to find her grandmother who she believes was kidnapped. We follow her as she searches for her missing grandmother and finds herself in a bit of trouble. We do get to see some of our old favorites such as Cinder and Emperor Kai and even someone who is nobody's favorite by any means, Queen Levana. We also get to meet some new characters as well such as Scarlet, Thorne and Wolf. The combination of the new and the old was interesting and really added well to the storyline.

I have to say I found Scarlet to be refreshing. She was totally kick-butt and didn't put up with crap from anyone. She had her own opinions and was not afraid to speak her mind. I loved Cinder, do not get me wrong, but she had the tendency to hide when things got rough. We get introduced to Wolf in this installment and all I can say is I absolutely love him. He's tough and protective. Yet at the same time he's shy and timid. He's just such a complex character and I did not see that twist coming with him. Finally we have Captain Carswell Thorne. I may actually like him more than Emperor Kai. He's funny and is always joking. He has a good time with everything and he may be dirty but it's hard not to laugh when he's talking. I was actually kind of hoping something would blossom between him and Cinder but there's always a chance right?

This installment had everything I could ever want. There was action and fight scenes as well as some totally sweet romance. Things got tense in certain parts and I was on the edge of my seat turning pages to find out how things were going to go and what was about to happen next.

Like with Cinder last year, I was swept up in the story and had a hard time putting the book down. When it ended I really didn't want it to be over and now I have to wait until 2014 until the next installment into this riveting and wonderful series.
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