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Wow. Just wow. I know I really enjoyed Cinder, but I'm pretty sure that it did not have the effect on me that Scarlet has. Marissa Meyer is one talented lady!

We end Cinder with Cinder's world turned completely upside down. All we know is that she's probably going to die if something doesn't happen soon and then we're left there to hang. How in the world is she going to get out? I'm pleased to say, you do find out what happens to her in Scarlet. Cinder's story moves along at a nice pace I found appropriate for the hero of the series. Her plot keeps moving forward but it doesn't cause Scarlet's story to suffer any. In fact, we make some very interesting discoveries about Cinder and her past in Scarlet.

But, of course, it's Scarlet that we've all been anticipating. How will Meyer do The Little Red Riding Hood in a futuristic world full of aliens? Have no fear, it's amazing. I absolutely loved Scarlet's character and plot. She had a great story line that led very nicely and smoothly up to Cinder's. But to every great plot, everyone knows there's an absolutely amazing love interest and Wolf is so much better than Prince Kai! I love Wolf. Trust me when I say, you will not be able to guess anything when it comes to his past and what exactly about him (rather than some obvious signs) makes him the "wolf" of Scarlet's journey. I mean, he's human after all. Right?

As far as characters go, I think I'd have to pick Scarlet. I just connected with her more. Cinder is all mechanical, and that's not the poor girl's fault, but it's the only word I can think of to describe her character and how she thinks. There's nothing wrong with that but I enjoyed Scarlet's point of view more mostly because she seemed to ask the questions and pay attention to the things I or any other human would. Plus, she's tough, even when she knows resistance is futile, and she never gives up.

When it comes to the male leads, well, I'll quote what a friend of mine said. Tall, dark, and scary. That's my type of guy when it comes to fictional books. Don't get me wrong, I think Prince Kai is sweet and perfect for Cinder but Wolf is just cooler (and perfect for Scarlet).

The writing was great. I'd have to say though, the last 150 pages or so had my whole body tense the entire time. I was physically flipping out with some of the things that happened. I could not put the book down and I could not read fast enough.
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