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Reader reviewed by Jake H.

Through my personal thoughts I didnt think the book was great, but it was an OK book. I thought it was OK because Im not a real fan of these types of books. Although its not my type of book there are parts that actually got to me and dragged me into the book. Some parts also appealed to my emotions a bit too. Some parts seemed like they lacked that real, wow I really want to read on, stuff. Still it was an OK book.
The story was great too. One thing I didnt like is most of the time they were jumping around in the story. It would be a day then the next period its a whole year later, after it says that it only tells so little things about what the characters did and sometimes it said so little things it made me think is that all they did for a whole year. Still the storyline was great and it worked up real well.
One more thing I thought crazy was a part in the book called suicide. One of the main characters who started out small and worked his way up to advance and everybody knowing him to suicide. It just seemed a little weird. He started out small then got into advance classes in school and becoming the schools best student. Eventually he got stressed then he just went of and died. To me thats a little weird.
Its a good book but I dont think its a great book but still, If this book sounds appealing to you, then go try it but its like I said I think its an OK book and not a bad book.
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