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All children notice different skin tones because it's a part of their growing brain's curiosity. OUR SKIN teaches about why there's a difference and that it's because of melanin in our bodies. It isn't because one skin tone is better than another. It addresses racism and the negatives of it too. For more topics on this matter, there's a "Continue the Conversation" in the back of the book that talks more on skin color, observations made, family diversity, identity terms, stereotypes, race, racism, and activism. These little sections give parents ideas to provide more knowledge for children to understand the differences better in a discussion format. With how prevalent racism still is, this is a necessary book and should even be included in school libraries or classroom readings.

OUR SKIN is a great way to introduce the different races to young children who might not understand why everyone appears a different color. This is a great book to stomp on racism and help prevent it at the roots. The illustrations are inclusive of all skin tones and the art style is simple yet bold enough to catch a child's eye. I like how the authors take a factual approach to explaining things instead of it feeling more like an opinion. To me, it makes this book feel more credible as an excellent resource for parents of all races.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to parents who want to introduce the difference in races to help prevent the development of racism. It's a great educational tool to expand a child's mind while encouraging that childish curiosity in a positive way.
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