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What worked: I'm a huge fan of Stacey Abrams and love this non-fiction biography. As a former first-grade teacher, this biography is perfect to include during Black History Month. I love that the biography gives bite-sized bits of information on Abrams, along with keywords that can be discussed with students. For more independent readers, this biography can be one that students can read and discuss during their reading group. For other younger students, teachers can read this book and then write out keywords and discuss. There are so many possibilities teachers can do in including this biography during reading and also social studies time.

As a teacher, I included diverse individuals into my curriculum plans. I could see teachers using these biographies as a teaching moment to go over strong political figures who fought for the rights of all. In Abrams's case, it's the right of all to vote. Her story is inspiring. For example, when she lost the Georgia governor race, instead of being down she listened to those in Georgia and later she started the group 'Fair fight' in which she not only shared voter's problems but set out to help change laws that were unfair.

The photographs also add to this biography. At the end is a glossary of keywords and a timeline of Abrams's life and her public service. Plus, there are some cool facts about Abrams-one 'fun' one is she's an author too!

Great bite-sized bits of info on Stacey Abrams that is a must add to any school curriculum. Fun facts and keywords that are sure to add to classroom discussions during Black History Month and also on important key diverse individuals.
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1. Great bite-size bits of info on Stacey Abrams
2. Perfect to use in classrooms during Black History Month
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