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Look at that stunning cover.

Draw Down the Moon by P.C. Cast is a YA fantasy novel set in a world that is oddly similar to the likes of Harry Potter. Wren Nightingale isn't supposed to have any powers. Born of magickal parents but not under a moon sign, she was destined for life as a Mundane—right up until she starts glowing on her eighteenth birthday. In a heartbeat, Wren's life is turned upside down, and she's suddenly leaving her home for the mystical Academia de la Luna—a secret magickal school on a hidden island off the Seattle coast. Lee Young has always known about his future at the Academia. He has one goal: pass the trials, impress the Moon Council, and uphold his family's reputation. But he wasn't expecting to be attending alongside the girl he's been secretly in love with for as long as he can remember. As Wren and Lee are thrown into the Academie's gruelling trials, they quickly learn there's something different--and dangerous--about the school this year. Wren will have to navigate a web of secrets, prophecies--and murder. And Lee will have to decide who to protect--his family's legacy, or the girl he loves.

What I loved about this book was how it was the perfect first book. It introduced the reader to both a familiar world and a new one. Without completely info-dumping and drowning the reader in fantasy nonsense. Cast did a really good job in balancing the familiar with enigmatic. While also creating a world that draws on the reader's nostalgia for other magical school reads.

The concept of this book was really cool, but the execution was a little lack luster. And I mostly blame it on the writing style. P.C. Cast's style is simple and creates an easy to follow narrative. But it's nothing special, when compared to other books being published nowadays. Honestly, this book kind of read like just another book of the 2000's that was trying to ride the hype train following the final publication of Harry Potter. While also trying to appeal to a younger audience, despite it being called a 'young adult' novel.

Overall, this was an interesting read. But I probably won't be picking up the second one. I get authors want to appeal more to the younger side of the YA genre, but sometimes it's easier and will do more good in the end just to stick to the basics.
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